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At Colorado Turnout Project, we’re ready for something better. Based in Denver, Colorado, our transformative Political Movement mobilizes people from all over to take action and create a meaningful and lasting impact.

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Program Design


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The only comprehensive VBC tool with the flexibility to meet both client and market needs.

Linq Health Analytics


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Linq Health Analytics helps answer important value-based care questions such as “Where are the opportunities in my market?”, “Where should I start?” and “How do I make this work with our other programs?”

Linq Health Network Services

Linq Network

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The Linq Health Network Services team leverages decades of industry experience in value-based care to negotiate, management, train, and strategize the right VBC provider network for payers.

Linq Health Claims Processing Management


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Linq Health eases the burden of value-based program administration and implements truly scalable solutions.

Linq Health Empowers Value-Based Care

Linq Health Empowers
Value-Based Care

Linq Health solutions power value-based care, enabling payers to create improved outcomes across the entire continuum of care. Linq Health has been providing comprehensive tech-enabled services for the design, implementation, and operationalization of value-based programs since 2010.

As the industry’s leading provider of comprehensive analytics, network services, and administrative capabilities, our sole focus is value-based care.

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We aim to strengthen Colorado’s democratic congressional majority and expand it by taking the remaining three Republican seats in our state.

Let’s partner together to build, enhance, educate and empower the Community to create change.